The Top 5 Reasons Why Oil Furnaces Are Good for Your Home

These days, the winters can get pretty harsh and brutal, especially with climate change affecting everyone. If you live in a property where you are struggling to keep warm and comfortable, an oil furnace might just be a good investment. The good news is that a professional furnace installation can keep you warm and cozy even in the coldest winters, but are there any other benefits to having one installed?

1. Quieter and Better Quality

Furnaces have been around for a long time, but today’s technology means that modern furnaces are quieter and offer more options. Modern oil furnaces usually come with two speeds, fixed or variable. This provides more functionality and it means that there are more options when it comes to heating a home or other property.

2. They Usually Cost Less

Oil furnaces actually cost less than gas furnaces over the same period of time. In today’s environmentally conscious world, this translates to bigger savings over the year. As people are struggling to pay their bills and even put food on the table, more cost effective heating and cooling solutions are going to be more attractive.

3. They Are More Efficient

Where oil furnaces really shine is that they operate more efficiently. As we heat our homes, it escapes through doors and windows. This means that the heater has to work harder to keep a space warmer.

An oil furnace is more efficient by nature because burial oil is more energy efficient. In fact, an oil furnace installation will provide more thermal energy than the equivalent unit of gas. This means that it takes less oil to heat up a space, thus, saving money and making them more energy efficient. In a world where we’re so concerned about energy efficiency, this is a massive benefit.

Additionally, oil furnaces can also burn organic fuels, such as soy and other biofuels. This actually makes them ideal in a world where we are ever more concerned about our carbon emissions. This also provides a lot more fuel choices for owners.

4. They Heat No Matter What the Winter Is Like

Unlike HVAC systems that rely on compressors, furnaces will keep an area warm no matter what the temperature is outside. The temperature is adjustable and will operate even in a freezing cold winter. In a world where extreme weather events seem to be happening every year and we’re seeing temperature records being broken, a furnace that provides comfort indoors in an effective way, which is also cost efficient, is very attractive.

5. They Are Safer

Many people are worried about gas furnaces because they are potentially unsafe. Gas leaks can occur and even explosions can happen, even though this is less likely in modern gas heating units.

Oil furnaces are safer in this regard. There is no gas to be leaked and explosions can’t happen because by the time the oil is hot enough, it vaporizes and leaves a safe residue.

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