7 AC Installation Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

A lot can happen from the time you purchase your brand-new air conditioning to the time you install it. to prevent extensive mistakes, you need to ensure you don’t neglect any of the careful planning of the AC installation that is necessary to ensure your long-term comfort and its functioning to serve you longer. A properly installed AC system will ensure reliability, energy efficiency, and even your own comfort in your home. In additional to that you will have minimal or no air conditioning repair Oshawa for a long time. But most people tend to make some simple mistakes during the entire AC installation process that end up interfering with how the whole system works. Here are some AC installation mistakes you should watch out for and avoid completely when installing your new air conditioning system.

1. Going with the status quo

Replacing your broken down or spoilt AC system with an exact model, shape, and size may look to be a good idea but more often than not, it’s usually a mistake. This is one of the most common error that many homeowners make and, in most instances, it ends up costing them a lot more. The old AC machines were a lot bigger and larger than the ones we have today. The older bigger ones could break down more easily and faster and also hike up your energy bills.

2. Not accounting for any energy efficiency improvements

Most of the time, you find that renovations result in more energy-efficient spacing especially if you’re installing new windows, using new lighting technology, or even adding insulation systems. Failing to take these improvements into account even as you install your new AC system can sometimes leave you with an oversized system yet again.

3. Not considering new equipment technology

Technology is ever evolving and the AC systems are not left behind. It may be years, decades even, since you installed that existing AC you are using currently. And between that time and now, a lot of chances should have taken place on AC improvements. These improvements are meant to enhance comfort, save on energy costs, and even improve the overall performance of the AC systems. Failing to put all these things into account even as you purchase that new AC system can leave you in the same spot as you were with the older AC system.

4. Designing for full-load performance

This simply means looking for the systems with the highest amount of cooling or heating that can be required from the AC systems. It is simple mathematics that the AC systems which only peak efficiency at full-load won’t be of much use at partial-load. It will only consume more energy and hike up your energy costs.

5. Only replacing part of the AC system

Once something is old enough and starts having pieces of it broken and require servicing or maintenance on a regular basis, the best step to take is to look for a newer one. the same goes for the AC system, you will only end up spending a lot more cash trying to mend your old AC by replacing parts of it not realizing that purchasing a brand-new one could cost much less.

6. Not allowing for future changes

Your AC system won’t be able to stay the same throughout its lifespan as you continue to use it. many changes will occur during the time the AC is used which calls for a more flexible system that will accommodate all of your changing needs.

7. Not planning the AC installation for maintenance needs

Every functioning equipment needs to be serviced and maintained from time to time to ensure it stays in fit conditions. Your AC system will only serve you for a short while before it begins to have issues with its overall functioning if you don’t service or maintain it on a regular basis.

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