Combo Specials

South Indian Combo Specials served Saturday + Sunday 3:00-5pm.

Madurai Fried Idli 7.00
Diced Idlis sautéed with onion and idli podi.
Idli Vada 7.00
Combination of steamed rice cakes and lentil donut.
Pongal Vada 10.00
Cumin and peppercorns infused with raw rice and lentil, with a piece of lentil donut.
Poori Masala 14.00
Fried wheat bread served with potato masala.
Channa Bathura 14.00
Deep fried bread served with chickpeas masala.

Kothu Paratha
Scrambled paratha with aromatic flavors. ‘A country side favorite.’
Vegetable 14.00
Chicken 15.00
Goat 16.00

Veechu Paratha and Korma
Grilled thin flat bread. A country side favorite
Vegetable 14.00
Chicken 15.00
Goat 16.00

Uttapam (Onion/Tomato/Masala) 11.00
Pancake made of rice and lentil.

Plain 10.00
Masala 11.00
Keema 14.00
Chettinad 11.00
Mysore 11.00
Neeru 11.00
Onion Rava Masala Dosa 12.00
Crepe made of semolina sprinkled with onion and stuffed with potatoes.