The Pongal


Pakora 5.00
Fritters made with gram flour,vegetables,onion,add$1 for paneer

Pani Poori/Dahi Poori 5.50
Poori stuffed with chickpeas/moong sprouts and with spicy chilled masala water or with yogurt with mixed spices.

Samosa 6.50
Hand rolled pastry with potato and green peas.

Vada 7.00
Sambhar Vada,Dahi Vada,Rasa Vada or Plain Vada

Gobi 65 6.50
Cauliflower fritters fried in spicy batter.

Cut Mirchi 6.50
Deep fried hot peppers stuffed with homemade peanut masala.

Paneer Tikka 7.00
Marinated cottage cheese baked in clay oven.

The Pongal Special Vegetable Platter 15.00
Combination of samosa, paneer tikka, cut mirchi, & gobi 65.(serves 4)

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Non Vegetarian:

Reshmi Kebab 7.50
Mildly spiced cheese flavored chicken supreme pit roasted.

Seekh Kebab 9.00
Minced lamb, aromatic herbs and spices grilled on tandoori skewers.

Chicken 65 8.00
Spicy batter fried boneless tender chicken.

Drums of Heaven 8.00
Batter fried chicken wings sautéed in spicy chilli sauce.

Wings of Nirvana 9.00
Crispy chicken wings marinated in a special sauce with garlic and ginger and curry leaf

House Special Non-Vegetarian Platter 16.00
Combination of reshmi kebab, seekh kebab, chicken 65, shrimp & drums of heaven.(serves 4)

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